City and Districts

The five districts of Perugia take their name from the five main gates of the city.

At the very beginning of time the five divisions of the city had as symbols five animals: the Hawk for Porta Sole, the Lion for Porta San Pietro, the Deer for Porta Eburnea, the Bear for Porta Santa Susanna and the Horse for Porta Sant’Angelo.

The usage to archetypal animals confirms the antiquity of the tradition even if, later on in time, the juxtaposition of other kind of symbols brought to the present characterization: the backgrounds are the five primary colours, in conformity with the universal rules of heraldry. During the following centuries, with various vicissitudes, the District territories, that included, a part from the ones inside the urban walls also a wide countryside, were reduced only inside the municipal boundaries.

The rules Perugia 1416 recalls, for the occasion, the ancient District territories following historic testimonies and sources.