Historic Perugia. Vintage Autos and motorbikes in the Districts

Sunday 8 Aprile2018, h. 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Different places of Perugia and its 5 Districts

Initiative organised together with CAMEP and the Districts of Perugia, with the whole Municipal territory and its citizens. A meeting of vintage cars and motorbikes in a never seen before, as well as spectacular, itinerary in the Perugia countryside and Districts, inside as well as outside the city walls.


h 9:00 am – Meeting point and technical verification at the Frontone Garden
h 9:30 am – Starting of the cars and motorbikes from the District of Porta San Pietro (Guest District) towards Pila, according to the what stated in the roadbook
h 9:45 am – First time trial by the Cantina Gorett
h. 10:15 am – Arrival and stop at the Azienda Goretti, Strada del Pino / Bruschetta and drinks offered by the Firm
h. 11:00 am – Starting toward Collestrada / Second time trial
h. 12:30 pm – Arrival in the historic Hamlet of Collestrada – visit
h. 1:30 pm – Lunch inside Collestrada
h. 3:30 pm – Starting towards the Airport of Sant’Egidio, then Ponte Valleceppi, Ponte Felcino, Ponte Pattoli, Cordigliano, Montelaguardia, Ponte Rio (See roadbook)
h. 5:30 pm  – Arrival to the city, Monteluce area. City itinerary among the Districts (See roadbook)
h. 6:30 pm– Parade of the equipages, divided according to the Districts, in Piazza IV Novembre
h. 7:00 pm – Parade in Corso Vannucci, to reach Rione San Pietro
h- 7:30 pm – Prize giving at the hall of the Fondzione Sant’Anna, Viale Roma, 15