Historical Parade

The most spectacular event of the whole happening i s also one of the challenge that the District have to front in order to win the Palio, judged by a jury of expert with three main criteria: historic relevance, interpretation and set design. Inside the parade, after the Districts, Delegations of other Historic Re-enactments of the same age of Perugia 1416.

The Historic Parade, climax of Perugia 1416, celebrates the entering of Braccio Fortebracci da Montone in Perugia. This has, centuries ago, symbolized the passing from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance and the starting of the potentate – lordship de facto of Braccio on the city.

Remembering him, but even more re-living him, means to recover the ancient unity between the city, the districts and the countryside, enliven our roots, feel part of a tale arriving a tour days. Absolute protagonists the five Districts, each represented in all its various aspects and people: nobles, magistrates, middle class representatives and craftsmen, lower classes and peasants.


The historical reference period for dresses and scenography is between 1400 and 1450.
The evaluation is based on three different criteria, namely: historical relevance, interpretation and scenography.
Historically, the jury will have to consider the likelihood of the historical exhibition, especially if the costume, content, facts and theme chosen by the individual districts are plausible from the reference period, reward the possible use of Local historical sources used to create the fairy tale, and also have to assess whether the proposal is similar to the reference geographic area, in this case Perugia and its estate in 1416.
Interpretation, on the other hand, means the ability to make the procession live by the figures through the doorstep, the choreographic movements, the differentiated characterization of the various characters, the adherence of the commentary elaborated by each ward and the commentator's exposure.
Lastly, the set design covers all symbolic, allegory and light scenic materials that can be taken during the parade. If you intend to use any small wagons, they will only have to trace human beings.
This section also includes animals, excluding large quadrupeds. In the 2017 edition of the Grande Corteo are only allowed: dogs (only if kept on a leash), birds of prey tied to the arm of falconieri, animals of the time polyculture and rabbits only if taken in special cages in wood. The use and treatment of each individual animal will be carried out in accordance with the current regulations.

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