Leonardo Cenci

30 January 2019

Illness has stopped his run in the end, the run for life. But we know that those who die for real are those who are not remembered: Leonardo Cenci – Leo for his many friends, for all – will not only be always present for his braveness and generous fight, demonstrating that we never need to give up, but has also become an unforgettable icon in time.

Three years ago, even if already marked by his illness, he wanted to be with us as Founding Member of Perugia 1416. I’m glad to think that a person characterized by his moral and humane stamina wanted to be a foundation of this event so to become a Priore with pride and participation. A strong symbol of sharing for which we will always be grateful to him.

I will propose to the Consiglio Direttivo (Governing Council) meeting today, to appoint him honorary member.

Teresa Severini
President of Perugia 1416