Musical Itineraries Of Devotion: from Perugia to the Cappella Sistina between XV and XVI centuries.

Tuesday,24th October, h.5:30 pm
Biblioteca San Matteo degli Armeni, VIa Monteripido, 2
Third cycle of conferences in Perugia 1416. Meeting with Professor Biancamaria Brumana, of Musicology and Music History of the University of Perugia and Florence.

Musicians generally leave many traces of themselves in popular places: choir-stalls and choirs, church-organs and walls are often covered with scripts.Graffiti with musical notes are, on the other hand, quite rare, because of the complexity in their making, which usually is extemporaneous.The graffiti of the church of San Matteo degli Armeni tell us a melody that is in other important sources of Perugia such as the ms G 20 of the Biblioteca Augusta and the Pala di San Girolamo di Caporali at the Galleria Nazionale Umbria; it is present as well in frescoes and on the walls of the Cappella Sistina, suggesting that this music accompanied itineraries of devotion, probably within a Franciscan context.

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