Porta Eburnea District

The green district, with green and flower gardens famous since old times past

Porta-EburneaTHE EMBLEM

The green District par excellence, with its gardens and green gardens famous since ancient times, has as emblem an elephant carrying an ivory tower against a green background, symbol of the gardens of which the district, organized in big degrading terraces, was rich. Still today the toponymy confirms this condition: in this area you can find Via degli Orti (Green Garden Road) and Via del Giardino (Garden Road).

Facing south, in a city generally cold as Perugia, it had a really coveted position, prove the fact that this was the district where the noble families of the city were mainly residing, the Baglioni family first of all.


It was unfortunately the main object of the urban upheaval suffered by the city, the first time during the half of the XVI Century with the construction of the Rocca Paolina, later by the end of the XIX Century with its partial demolition. The remains of the Rocca represent anyway the main monument of the district, together with the Etruscan door della Mandorla and one of the most imposing tract of the urban walls, Etruscan and Medieval on top, free from modern buildings and surrounded by ample green areas.

The future perspective of the district is linked to the restauration and reutilization of the old prisons, on a wide area close to the historic centre, restauration demanding brave decisions but thrilling at the same time.