Porta Sant’Angelo District

The District of sward and fire goes from the city walls to the woods and thickets, giving to the whole city firewoods and coal


The District of the sward and fire goes northbound, beyond the walls, to the woods and thickets,  giving to the whole city firewood and coal. The Coat of Arms is a grey sward with golden hilt in between the white wings of the Archangel Michael against red background. The figure is due to the presence in the district of San Michele Church, the temple of the people from Perugia, probably the most ancient church of the whole city, while the red background recalls the fire.


Right outside the walls in Porta Sant’Angelo were big woods that furnished with burning materials the whole city: prove of it was the presence, till recently, of workshops of charcoal burners and woodcutters. It borders in via Bartolo with Posta Sole, in Piazza Cavallotti and Via Maestà delle Volte with Porta Santa Susanna. It covers a big part of the ancient town towards North-West and it includes the Verzaro, the Conca, and Borgo Sant’Angelo.

It has a specific urban configuration: the walls in parts “convers” directly with the countryside without the interference of the modern outskirts. From the urbanistic point of view is one of the best preserved area of the city. Among its main landmarks the Etruscan Arch, the Tower of the Cassero, the Sant’Agostino Church, the already mentioned San Michele Arcangelo Church, Gallenga Palace, now seat of the University for Foreigners and the Convent of the Olivetani Church, today Rectorate of the University.