How the idea and the project “Perugia 1416”was born

Perugia 1416 is based on the participation of the Five Districts of the city and aims mainly to foster the active participation of the citizens of Perugia and surrounding areas in a project centred on social gathering, urban renewal, cultural and economic promotion.

Perugia 1416 starts exactly from the will of rediscovering, symbolically, a fruitful period of our History, to enhance curiosity, knowledge and sharing: the pleasure of meeting involved in a project “bottom up” and that, cross-cuttingly, unites centre and suburbs, with a strong social value. A tentative to  involve  on a permanent basis the population of the city and the economic operators on different levels along the whole year, culminating with the popular feast of the second week end in June.


  • to organize a study project at national level that will deeply analyse these historical pages, today still linked to far away historic sources, generic or of a mere local interest;
  • to conduct the results of the scientific research in a dimension of more interest for Perugia and its territory through meetings, guided tours and several other initiatives that will foster the knowledge and spreading of this particular page of history of Perugia and Italy in the widest way, starting from the schools, to make it enter the study programmes, to get to Institutes of higher education, […]
  • to compact and unify, as far as possible within the city territory, centre and outskirts, with different but commensurate roles using the five District to create an healthy and constructive competition among them through sport games of various kind;
  • to strengthen the sense of belonging of the citizens;
  • to reaffirm the role of prominence that Perugia had in that historic period;
  • to offer new and different job opportunities, even if temporary, that will hopefully start the actual birth of innovative initiatives of craftsman’s businesses, also in the tourist and food and wine area, mainly for young people;
  • to hinder the urban degradation, supporting the animation, the repopulation and the relaunch of the historic centre and other areas, mainly through the requalification of cellars and forgotten places, to be converted in workshops, with the aim of reuniting centre and outskirts:
  • to re-launch the image of the city in Italy as well as abroad;
  • to enhance tourism, that generally looks with particular attention these type of events;
  • to involve, with the view of fostering social inclusion, the Centri Sociali (Community Centres) and the Casa Circondariale “Capanne” (Perugia prison) both in the didactic and in the artisan production.
  • To offer a common target into which anybody could feel an interest with differences of interests and initiatives;
  • Involve and motivate the younger generations.