Shareholders’ Assembly Perugia 1416

We hereby communicate that the Shareholders’ Assembly of the Association will take place, by the first call, on THURSDAY 12 APRIL at 08:00 am

If the meeting will turn out desert, the second call will take place on THURSDAY 12 APRIL 2018 – at 5:30 pm

The Assembly is to be held at the Biblioteca dell’Accademia di Belle Arti P.Vannucci, in Piazza San Francesco al Prato, 5 with the following agenda:

President Communications

Approval of the Final Financial Report – year 2017

Modification to the charter and Regulations

Entrance of the new Councilors in the Governing Council

Any other business

We hereby recall, to those who still have to renovate the registration for 2018, that there will be time till the day before the assembly, even if we hope it will be completed before to have time to facilitate the secretarial job.

We moreover recall that the new cards of the Associazione will be in this occasion distributed, with a new numbering. Those who will not be present to the Assembly will be able of taking their cards by the Associazione.

The minimum fee for “socio sostenitore” (Sustaining Member) for 2018 remains 50€, while that of Ordinary Member is of 10€. If any Ordinary Member wonts to became a Sustaining Member, or viceversa, in this occasion will be able to change the card.

We moreover recall that those not being in order with the contribution won’t be allowed to the Assembly and will be kept suspended till the payment of the fee – to be done anyway before the 31st of December 2018, as stated by the Governing Council.

In the hope of having all present we send our best regards

Associazione “Perugia1416”