Monday 20th May 2019, h. 6:00 pm
Sodalizio Braccio Fortebracci, Oratorio di San Francesco dei Nobili, Via degli Sciri, 6

Perugia 1416 meets the city – IV conference cycle
Conference by prof. Franco Ivan Nucciarelli
Console of the Magnifico Rione of Porta Sant’Angelo

The links of Braccio with the Franciscan world and with the Orator of San Francesco dei Nobili are documented and strong. Braccio was particularly devoted to the Saint from Assisi, fact that gained him the title of “spada di San Francesco” (San Francesco Sward). In fact if he were dead for natural causes he would have wanted to be buried in San Francesco al Prato, will that has been fulfilled post mortem by his nephew Niccolò, son of Stella, the favourite sister of  Braccio.
The three “confraternite” (brotherhoods) of Sant’Agostino, San Domenico and San Francesco, lost the original religious inclination, at a certain point merged into a single institution: the new “Sodalizio” (fellowship) entitled to Braccio Fortebracci, has been defined in an archive paper dating to the late XVI Century, “benefattore e sodale” (benefactor and fellow).

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