Wednesday 30 January 2019, h. 6:00 pm

Domus Pauperum, Corso Garibaldi, 84

Perugia 1416 meets the city. Fourth Conference Cycle
Meeting with prof. Mario Tosti, Director of the Department of  Literature- Foreign Languages – Antique and Modern Civilisations, University of Perugia.

Each époque in History has featured a peculiar attitude towards poverty and paupers; from the medieval society where poor people were more or less necessary, we get to a society where much more defined was the antithesis between organized classes and paupers, with subsequent attempts to control and management of the pauper phenomenon.

The concept of poverty in the Middle Ages had several different sociological faces, all with the same common root of Ancient Christianity, the “religion of the poor” and that, right because of this message, conquered the first development spheres. The Western Medieval Society didn’t have any difficulties regarding those who decided to – or had to – live out of charity.

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