Porta Sole District

The district which includes the highest part of the city, flooded with sun and light, extended as far as the River Tevere borders, rich of millstones and water mills

The Emblem

The Coat of Arms is a radiant golden anthropomorphic sun against white background. The white color recalls flour coming from the millstones of the water mills: Porta Sole, expands North-East towards the Tevere river area, included the present outskirts of Ponte San Giovanni, Ponte Felcino, Ponte Valleceppi e Ponte Pattoli, all characterized by grinding mills.

The History

It borders in Piazza Matteotti with Porta San Pietro, at the beginning of Via Bartolo and half way of Via del Melo with Porta Sant’Angelo. During the “Sassajola” ”(a violent training game consisting of throwing stones), Porta Sant’Angelo and Porta Sole formed the “parte di sopra” (upper part) against Porta Santa Susanna, Porta Eburnea and Porta San Pietro, the “parte di sotto” or lower part.

Among the distinctive points an incredible bit of wilderness right at the top of the city, a high number of noble palaces, one of which now hosts the Public Library Augusta, San Severo Church with frescos by Raffaello, the Etruscan Porta del Giglio (Gate of the Lily), Sant’Antonio borough, the Church and Convent of Monteluce, the Pozzo Etrusco also known as Pozzo Sorbello.
From the highest point of Porta Sole and of all Perugia, the belvedere at the top of the staircase of Via delle Prome, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful and evocative panoramas.

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