Sunday 31 March 2019, from h. 9:00 am
Around Porta Eburnea District
Event together with CAMEP and the Districts of Perugia, with the patronage of Perugia Municipality and with the whole territory of the city and its inhabitants. A meeting between époque autos and motorcycles and the city, in a unique and never done before itinerary in the countryside, in the villages,  inside and outside the city walls of Perugia. Itinerary in Porta Eburnea District


  1. 9:00 am – Meeting and technical checks at the square in front of the Concessionaria MARCHI AUTO, Via P.Soriano, 3 – S.Andrea delle Fratte.
  2. 9:30 am – Start of the motoes towards S.Sisto – Strozzacaponi. Bagnaia . Pilonico paterno – Castiglione della Valle.
  3. 9:45 am – First time-trial by Montepetriolo
  4. 10:15 am – Arrival and stop at Montepetriolo – Visit of the borough – Bruschetta and drinks by Pro Loco.
  5. 11:00 am – Re-start and second time-trial, then Fontignano.
  6. 12:30 pm – Arrival at Fontignano – visit to the Tomb of Perugino.
  7. 1:30 pm – Lunch by the Pro-Loco.
  8. 3:30 pm – Re-start towards Mugnano-Agello-Solomeo-Ellera, etc.
  9. 5:30 pm – Arrival in PERUGIA, Fontivegge Area – city itinerary in the Districts –Passages by the city Gates – Stamp Check – destination Piazza IV Novembre (follow roadbook).
  10. 6:30 pm – Array of equipages for each District in Piazza IV Novembre.
  11. 7:30 pm – Greetings to the City and Districts – Transfer to Santa Giuliana by the SLEE, (Scuola di
    Lingue Estere dell’Esercito).
  12. 8:00 pm – Prize-giving and toasts.