The Project

The Project

Perugia 1416 is based on the involvement of the five districts (Rioni) of the city towards social aggregation, cultural and economic promotion, urban re-development. Perugia 1416 moves precisely from the desire to rediscover, symbolically, a fruitful period of our history, to arouse curiosity, knowledge and sharing: the pleasure of being involved together in a project that starts from the bottom and in a transversal way unites the center and the peripherie. An operation that intends to continuously and progressively interest the population and operators at the most different levels throughout the year, and is also prepared through cycles of conferences around the character Braccio Fortebracci, aimed at exploring the historical-artistic context, uses and customs in the Perugian territory at the beginning of the 15th century to shed light on this relatively little studied period of Perugian history.
Everything culminates in the moment of greatest evidence, in the popular festival in June.


  • • build a study project that deepens these pages of history, still today described by distant and summary sources;
    • convey the results of scientific research, through meetings, guided tours and various initiatives to favor the knowledge and dissemination of this part of the country’s and city history in the widest way, starting from schools and higher education institutes;
    • unify and compact as much as possible, within the municipal area, center and suburbs, with different but equal roles, leveraging the five districts;
    • reinvigorate the sense of belonging of citizens to the city and in particular to their district;
    • reaffirm the prominent role that the city of Perugia assumed in that historical period;
    • create healthy and constructive competition between districts through sports and competitive games and challenges of various kinds;
    • offer new and different temporary employment opportunities
    • trigger the birth of innovative initiatives of artisan, catering and tourism businesses;
    • counteract urban decay by encouraging the animation, repopulation and revitalization of the historic center, but not only, through the redevelopment of warehouses, cellars and forgotten places, to be converted into shops and taverns, in a renewed connection with the suburbs and suburbs;
    • help to relaunch the image of the city in Italy and abroad;
    • build and consolidate networks of regional, national and international historical re-enactments;
    • favor tourism, which follows this kind of events with particular attention;
    • solicit the study and resumption of traditional culinary recipes in support of excellent food production;
    • promote inclusion by involving the social centers and the prison of Capanne di Perugia, both in teaching and in artisanal production;
    • offer a common goal on which to integrate with different interests and initiatives;
    • involve higher education institutions, in particular the Academy of Fine Arts, the Conservatory of Music, the University of Studies and enrolled students as well as Erasmus students;
    • involve schools by soliciting the inclusion of city history in the program;
    • involve and motivate young people and give them the opportunity to use their free time;
    • interest even the less young, culture has no age;
    • solicit art works by artists, photographs, videos and themed exhibitions

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