The GASTRONOMIC competition

The competition, the ingredients of time, research and study to package and taste a cake to be awarded.


Un concorso gastronomico indietro nel tempo


Launched by Perugia1416 in collaboration with the Università dei Sapori, it aims to urge participants to inform themselves not only about agricultural products referable to the time before others, now widely consumed but then not known in the old continent, arrived from distant lands; but also on the recipes and ways of preparing and cooking food in the early 15th century. Cultural study, therefore, but skill, and desire to get involved. Besides the philological correspondence it is important that the product can be reproduced.

A jury of experts announce the winning recipe. In previous editions Perugia1416 has awarded a ceramic plate decorated by the artisan-artist Maria Antonietta Taticchi:

2016: The sweet challenge -> ANNA POLIDORI with the recipe “Delizia del condottiero”
2018: The savory challenge-> PAMELA ERCOLANELLI & ROSITA PAPINI with the recipe “La torta dei boschi”
2019: The savory challenge ->SILVIA BUITONI with the recipe “Primavera perugina-torta alla borragine”
The sweet challenge -> ELENA BELLACCINI with the recipe “La chiave di Braccio”

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