Historical Parade ● Sporting Challenges ● Shows ● Ancient Crafts
To relive the historical period between Middle Ages and Renaissance, Perugia awaits you next June 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th.

In the engaging climate of a celebrating city the five historical Rioni/districts— Porta Sole, Porta San Pietro, Porta Eburnea, Porta Santa Susanna e Porta Sant’Angelo— will compete for the 2022 Palio in exciting sporting challenges: Drape Race, Historical Arcery and Move to the Rook. The evocative night re-enactment of the Captain of Fortune Braccio Fortebracci’s —winner of the Battle of Sant’Egidio in 1416— entry into Perugia and the handing over to him of the keys of the city by the First black Prior of the Noble Collegio della Mercanzia will be prelude to the Great Historical Parade of the five Rioni and Guest delegations. The Parade will be followed by the Race, and an engaging show of waders and fire. After the last two races, Braccio will proclaims the winner among the five Rioni. A medieval dinner will close the feast. Among the alleys and squares of the historic center, magnificent natural theater, taverns and restaurants will welcome you with traditional Umbrian dishes. Adults and children will be fascinated by the forging of weapons and by other reconstructed workshop of ancient crafts, included the beating of the “grosso”, the coin of the time in use in Perugia. Guided theatrical tours, a medieval music fanfare traveling along the streets of the historic center, shows of flag wavers, drums, songs and dances will restore the atmosphere of medieval feast days.