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City of Art, among the most beautiful in Italy

University seat for over 700 years

Powerful Etruscan center and then important medieval city, Perugia proudly preserves precious traces of its bright historical periods. The city is the administrative capital of the Umbria region, an important cultural and tourist destination and a prestigious university location for over 700 years (University of Studies). The historic Academy of Fine Arts, the Conservatory of Music and its Italian University for Foreigners, with students from all over the world, define its strong international vocation.

Brilliant and lively culturally and socially, Perugia is a city full of “secrets” to be revealed: the suggestion is to explore it with curiosity to fully enjoy the emotion and charm of the discovery.
The gateway to the acropolis is the Rocca Paolina, a unique historical-architectural complex, “container” of the medieval city hidden inside. Crossing it with the escalators, between historical vestiges and contemporary suggestions, you go up to the heart of the city, where Perugians and students love to meet today, as in the past the visitors of the Grand Tour.
The center is accessed, in alternative mobility, also with different sections of escalators or in Minimetrò, the surface metro that leads to the heart of the city.
Starting the visit, the city suggests various itineraries that recompose, as in an ideal book, the many passages of Italian and European history. From the thirteenth-century Fontana Maggiore, various paths start in the historic center, full of treasures, which will lead you to the discovery of a city that will not cease to amaze you: museums, churches, palaces, medieval colleges and towers and significant modern and contemporary testimonies.
Five are the districts – Rioni- that from the acropolis, like the fingers of one hand, open to the visit – Sant’Angelo, Porta Sole, San Pietro, Porta Eburnea, Santa Susanna: streets and alleys, vicoli and stairways, underground tracks, unusual and picturesque views of bright landscapes, interrupted by stretches of the mighty Etruscan-Roman and medieval walls.
Immediately outside the ancient city, in an easterly direction, the thirteenth-century Templar complex of San Bevignate stands out, a structure with imposing and severe volumes inside which a rare and precious testimony of the life of the Knights Templar in the Holy Land is preserved.

Visiting Perugia, means living a unique multisensory experience: public and private museums, artisan workshops, delicacies of a typical cuisine that is well worth a restorative stop in front of enchanting views over the Umbrian valley, to fully enjoy the peculiarities of a city still on a human scale.

The Paintings of Perugino, Pinturicchio and Raffaello, the contemporaneity of Burri and Beuys will accompany you among the notes of Umbria Jazz, the Umbrian Music Festival and its many other Festivals, or the rich theatrical season set in the jewels of the city: from the historic Teatro del Pavone and Teatro Morlacchi, to the Teatro Turreno, to the small experimental theaters and even in the open-air squares, to then continue on to the ancient borghi and many libraries. Known for the Journalism Festival, the openness and dialogue between the various cultures and religions testify to the civil custom of society: but Perugia also knows how to play, with chocolate – Eurochocolate, the festival of chocolates – and with the imagination, in the celebration of historical re-enactment ” Perugia 1416 “.

Secluded, and therefore authentic, the city of Perugia will be a stimulating experience for tourists, students and visitors in all seasons of the year, a smiling and intelligent look at history and actuality.

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