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Perugia1416 – Association of Social Promotion

The Association “Perugia 1416 passaggio tra Medioevo e Rinascimento (passage between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance)”, more briefly “Perugia 1416”, a non-profit association, was created in March 2016 by twenty-two founding members: among these the Municipality of Perugia, leader, the University of Studies, the University for Foreigners, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Conservatory for Music, the University of Flavors and other cultural and territorial associations and some private individuals. In 2018 its legal personality was recognized by the Region of Umbria, and in 2021, January, it was recognized as Association for Social Promotion (APS), and registered in section B), sheet 455, n. order 455 of the regional register of social promotion associations.

The Association pursues in fact the social and historical-cultural promotion of the Perugian community versus the territory to which it belongs, also looking at the internationalization of places and events and their promotion at national and European level. In the revitalization of the five city districts, it is proposed to pursue any initiative useful for the cultural and artistic qualification of the community of the City of Perugia through the conception, organization and management of commemorative re-enactments of facts, events and periods of the historical heritage citizen and their diffusion on the national and international territory. In particular, it promotes and organizes with the Municipality of Perugia, as promoter, the event called “Perugia 1416”.

Administrative and operational headquarters:

Operations office
via G. Oberdan, 50 – 06121 Perugia
Fiscal Code: 94159860546
Iban: IT44Q0887103000011000000934


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Associazione Perugia1416 APS

Operations office
via G. Oberdan, 50 – 06121 Perugia