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The five districts of Perugia take their name from the five main gates of the city. At the beginning the five partitions of the city had five animals as symbols: the eagle Porta Sole, the lion Porta San Pietro, the deer Porta Eburnea, the bear Porta Santa Susanna and the horse Porta Sant’Angelo. The use of archetypal animals confirms the antiquity of the tradition, even if then, over time, the superimposition of other symbols has led to the current characterizations: the backgrounds are of five basic colors, in accordance with the universal rules of heraldry. In the Middle Ages, with ups and downs, the district territories, which included not only the walled city but also a vast countryside, were reduced within the municipal boundary. The regulations of Perugia 1416 refer, for the occasion, to the ancient district territory based on historical sources and testimonies.

Porta Eburnea

GREEN: the elephant with the ivory tower

Porta San Pietro

YELLOW: the keys of the Saint

Porta Sant'Angelo

RED: the winged sword

Porta Santa Susanna

BLUE: the waters of the lake and the chain

Porta Sole

WHITE: the radiant sun

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The maps of the district territories and of the historic centre

The map of Perugia and its countryside takes its cue from the five maps drawn up by Francesco Cacciavillani between 1817 and 1818 to illustrate the monumental, unpublished work by Annibale Mariotti (Memorie istoriche de Castelli e Ville del Territorio di Perugia, end of the 18th century ).

Any variations, especially in the border areas between the districts, are inevitable: the territorial divisions belonging to each district in fact reflect the current urban-topographical situation. It is therefore proposed, in case of particular uncertainty, to follow one’s personal orientation in the attribution of one’s own Ward.

Porta Eburnea

Porta San Pietro

Porta Sant'Angelo

Porta Santa Susanna


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