The javelin Toss, wrongly called “lancio” (Throw), is completely different from the modern idea of the Olympic game with the same name, exclusively centred in muscular strength and run-up. In “Perugia 1416” Javelin Toss the athletes have to combine precision, physical strength and visual calculation, in order to achieve a perfect and balanced toss which flips a ring while directed to the target.

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The “Move to the Rook” is an original, engaging and dogged competition, thought in respect of the social and athletic norms, characterized by a “machine” – the rook – decorated with the Districts symbols, which is moved to determine the victory of one of the two facing teams. In this particular game two Districts face each other in a physical strength challenge, where one of the team is eliminated through tactic, muscular vigor and cooperation.

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The “Drape race” it is a speed and stamina competition. The aim is to deliver, before the others, a baton to the arriving point, the same of the  start, scoring the highest number of points possible.  The race takes place in Corso Vannucci along a fixed course with four changes for each team, one each tuor, for a total of five tours.

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